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Hobz Mfpkd

There are just as many women as there are beautiful fingers to decorate with Matching Couple Rings. But, there are women who have extremely thin fingers that are similar to those of the fingers of a child. Finding a ring can then be more difficult... however, it's not impossible. Nowadays, more and more jewelers are offering smaller-sized rings for women, so that all women can take pleasure in a beautiful diamond ring...

Small rings to fit thin fingers

Finding a ring that is suitable for those with thin fingers can be a challenge. In France, the standard ring size ranges from 50 to 60. Finding a smaller, trendy rings size can be difficult. In our store, you will find several small rings that are perfect for slim fingers.

What is the best band for your finger that is thin?

Before wondering about the model of ring you want to pick, it is important to understand that, based on how your joints are marked or less marked, all the rings you can choose from will be suitable for you. In fact, the joint that is marked will permit the ring not to slip off your fingers and remain on your finger. If they are, however they are not large then you'll need to favor certain models and find tips for wearing your ring.

Selecting the appropriate ring size

You can easily test your fingers to determine the size of your ring. You can measure your finger using three different methods:

Visit a jeweler to have them measure your measurements using a triboulet or ring sizing tool.

Choose a paper ring sizer and put one of your rings on the circle that is the same size.

Use the tape measure to measure the circumference of your tape in millimeters.

If in doubt, opt for the larger size in order to avoid jewellery that is tight. The size of a ring will vary depending on the design and style.

Wearing an ring

Rings can be worn that are too to your hands by using these different tips:

It is possible to use a different ring to help prop the ring up in case it's too big. This could be a safeguard or wedding ring, or even an array of rings.

Ring reducer and adjustable ring: there are discreet and practical accessories that minimize the dimensions of your rings. Reducers can be positioned on the bottom of the ring on the palm-side of the hand. It is invisible and reduces the distance between the ring finger. Ring adjusters can be another option. They are available in the form of clips, rods of steel and tubes, spirals, springs, etc.

Rings for knuckles: If you can't find small rings that fit your needs so why not opt for a knuckle ring? These models, worn around the wrist, are available in sizes between 43 and 49. It's the perfect size for your hands!




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